American Artist Terry Alden was born and raised in Chicago, his passion for art started in pre-school. In High School he enrolled in a Commercial Arts Program and went on to study art at the Art Institute of Chicago. Terry was unable to complete his degree at that time and terryalden_crop-181x200went onto doing Freelance Commercial work and Screen Printing. In 2002 Terry returned to the Art Institute of Chicago to study Sculpture with an emphasis in Bronze casting, Wood and Stone carving.

Terry draws his inspiration from Everyday Life and from Historical Events. He’s inspired by the unusual, often capturing a moment in time when a person’s gesture or the way they held themselves drew his eye.

His favorite medium is Clay he loves the feel of it in his hands and how it comes to life as he works it into a figure of a person or thing. The Bronze works that are cast from his sculptures preserve the beauty and fine details of his work for all to see.

Terry’s work has received many awards and accolades. In 2008 Terry’s work was exhibited at the Red River’s 5th annual Fine Art and Wine Festival where he won 1st place in the Sculpture division and a Best of Show award. In 2004 he was awarded “Best of Show” in his Sculpture division at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, California. He showcased his work in his Gallery in Taos New Mexico, was a part of the Taos Canyon Art Tour through 2010 and at shows in Angelfire and Eagle Nest, New Mexico.

Now in San Diego, California Terry has come to realize that Art is not something you make to please everyone, it’s something you do to please yourself. The freedom of that realization came after years of trying to define what Art was. His answer was always right in front of him, in everything about him. Art is not what you do! It is who you are, it’s a way of life and something he plans to do until the end of his. Amen!