Walking in the Rain

walking_intherain I just like to fill in a little background on how this
wonderful piece came about. The inspiration for
this piece goes all the way back to when I was a
child. I grew up in Chicago and from a young age
was fortunate enough to spent a lot of time in the
halls of the Art Institute of Chicago.
The French impressionists became my favorite
artists and one of the paintings that I’m particularly
fond of is by

Gustave Callebotte


Paris Streets,Rainy Day, 1877

When I stand as close as I am allowed to that huge painting
I can envision myself on the streets of Paris. So over time
it has remained in my thoughts and eventually became my
ambition to try in sculpture to create that impression,
the serenity of that couple and the beauty of that moment.

The one element of the project that teased my mind for a long time was how to make it rain and I finally came up with a solution and I’ll let you be the judge as to the result.

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